Formula 1, The Greatest Sport Ever?

Formula 1 has been known as on the most influential racing sports man kind has ever seen! put the most technically advanced cars onto a circuit paired with some of the best drivers in the world and you get a winning combination. We enjoyed this movie highlighting some of the differences F1 has seen, hopefully…


Toyota To Compete With Green Power

Toyota will return around the world Championship in 2017 having a Yaris-based World Rally Vehicle however the Japanese manufacturer is within Trier to showcase its latest emission-free production vehicle, the Mirai, which continues purchase in america, United kingdom, Denmark and Germany later this season. The vehicle has been driven by its Japanese owner Mitsuhiro Kunisawa,…


Germany is around the Corner! Are we ready?

The tank training area at Baumholder is well-liked by fans, but strikes fear in to the hearts of rivals who must deal with streets different from ultra-smooth asphalt to cobbles and damaged concrete. However the most daunting aspect may be the infamous hinkelsteins, concrete kerbstones lining the tracks that mix the military ranges. Made to…


Coilovers Explained In detail

When it comes down to racing suspension there really is only one choice and it’s not air or springs, I am of course referring to the humble bc racing coilovers. Deceptively simple in terms of design, an average racing bc coilovers consists of high performance shock and an overlaid spring which sits on the outside….